Xolos High Performance

Xolos High Performance Program

“In order to meet Club Tijuana’s player standards we have created the Xolos High Performance Program. This will allow us prepare our players better to help  compete against Liga MX players, the only way to achieve this is by raising the bar within the organization” Jon Baker

Xolos High Performance is designed to help players train at a higher level.  Players that are part of the high performance program are usually aiming towards gaining a Soccer Scholarship or even playing at a Professional level. We have found  that one of the ways to reduce the gap between amateur players and professional academy players is by increasing the number of sessions within a week. By doing so and strategically designing a competitive environment, players’ development will be accelerated.

4 Training Sessions per Week ( +200 Sessions/Year)

1 Game per Week

Participation in Parallel Elite League

4 Tournaments a Year