Player Development Program

Xolos Player Development Program is designed to help soccer players achieve their personal goals by learning how to work as a team.  Whether the player competes at a high division or not, XPDP helps our player focus on what they can control within their development. We focus on helping our players learn the four aspects of soccer:

Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical.

There are other attributes our players will learn while becoming part of Xolos.

In Xolos Utah, we are interested in developing the PERSON before the PLAYER. Even though we like winning, it comes as a consequence not as a priority. Competing, however,  is a requirement. We encourage our players to develop their potential through experiences within the sport and team work and to compete with themselves at every training session. We encourage our players to constantly compete and strive for excellence. Through effort and discipline the fruits of hard labor will come as a consequence; helping our players understand these values is our commitment as a club.

Join Xolos join the Passion for Futbol.